Securities and Exchange Commission, Plaintiff,
Today's Growth Consultant, Inc.
dba The Income Store and
Kenneth D. Courtright, III
Case No. 1:19-CV-08454
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December 8, 2023

Dear Claimants:

The initial distribution checks have been emailed to all U.S. claimants with an allowed claim. If you do not see the email containing your electronic check, please check your spam folder.

The Receiver will not send you a tax statement or file a tax statement with the IRS concerning your distribution. You should contact your tax advisor and inform them of the distribution. It is your obligation to properly report the distribution on your tax returns. 

Any claimant with questions or concerns regarding the distribution should contact the Receiverís office at


Melanie Damian, as Receiver 


Dear Income Store Claimant:

In the coming weeks, beginning on November 27, 2023, the Receiver for Todays Growth Consultant Inc. d/b/a The Income Store will send you a check by email from a secure email address from Deluxe Payment Exchange. The check represents your initial distribution from the Income Store Receivership Estate. If you have not received your check by December 15, 2023, please check your email spam folder and if you still cannot locate the email from Deluxe Payment Exchange, contact our office at this email address ( If you prefer to receive the check at an email address other than the email we use to communicate with you, please email the Receiver at this email address to update your contact information.

If you are an international claimant, please contact our office at this email address with your bank's international wire instructions. You are not eligible to receive a check by email.

If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please contact the Receiver's office by replying to this email.


Melanie E. Damian, as Receiver


HOW TO ASSIGN OR CHANGE THE NAME ASSOCIATED WITH MY CLAIM (Click here for information on how to change the payee's name of an approved claim)



Regarding the status of initial distributions, the Receivership Court has approved the Receiverís settlement with Heartland Bank, resulting in a net recovery of over $6 million to the Estate.  Including money we have recovered from others, we have asked the Court for permission to distribute approximately $7 million (approximately 10% of approved claims) to investors with approved claims.  The initial distribution will be made in the form of a check and mailed to your current address on file.  We anticipate this will be an initial distribution and expect to make a final distribution upon the conclusion of all lawsuits that the Receiver has brought on behalf of the Estate against third parties.

The Receivership Court entered its Order approving the Heartland Bank settlement on August 16, 2023.  Heartland Bank transferred the settlement funds to the Receivership Estate on August 29, 2023.  The Court is requiring the Receiver to hold the settlement funds for a minimum of 90 days before making her initial distribution to claimants.  Thus, the earliest possible date of the initial distribution is November 27, 2023.  The Receiver will send a mass e-mail notification to claimants once the initial distribution process commences.

If you have not done so already, please update your mailing information by email to




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